December 19, 2010

Diggy is the new secular face of congress; only it's cussed secularism

Digvijay Singh, as was apparent from the last few months, has been let loose by Rahul [and Sonia] for two reasons: to keep harping on RSS-terrorism links and put pressure on BJP, and also to test waters of Muslim loyalty. India News earlier commented on Rahul's RSS-Simi parallel and Chidambaram's Saffron Terrorism statement.

Diggy: India News
Congress and Diggy cannot be faulted if they remain within democratic limits in criticising RSS for whatever links some of its leaders have with right wing terrorist organisations. They also have full legitimate right to embarrass their political adversary, the BJP. However, Diggy is going beyond the thin line that separates criticism from brazen political attack. Even being most brazen in political attacks is OK, but not when it might lead to communal tension. It is not OK also when it needlessly hurts sentiments of a community or some innocent persons.

Have a look at what Diggy is doing:
He issued a statement saying Karkare [the police officer slain in 26/11 terrorist attacks] feared Hindu terrorists. Karkare's wife has denounced it but Diggy is firm.
The RSS in the garb of its nationalist ideology is targeting Muslims the same way Nazis targeted Jews in the 1930s, Digvijay Singh has said recently.
The roots of terrorism in India lie in BJP leader LK Advani's rath yatra, Diggy said today.

India News is not pro-BJP so it will condemn any wrongdoings by RSS and BJP, but what Diggy is doing is no less than the charge he is making against RSS and BJP. He is giving a handle to those among Muslims and  Hindus who are on hunt for opportunities to create tension. He is provoking terrorists. He is opening old wounds. He is making a media- and social- issue of a non-issue at present. It is pity that Congress, especially Rahul and Sonia are encouraging him to do so.

An example of cussed secularism.

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