October 11, 2010

rahul's rss - simi parallel: will it pay?

The implication of Rahul’s remarks is much more political than just brushing off RSS as a ‘fanatical and fundamentalist’ organisation. In his scheme of things, he must bring back Muslims to the Congress fold; Muslims have long been supposed to be voting rather collectively in favour of Congress. Going by this logic, feelers to them are supposed to give it the winning edge to Congress candidates that converts vote-share into seats since non-Muslims are too divided to be alienated by such feelers.

Two observations here.
One, this type of comparison seems within limits of democracy: no un-parliamentary language used, no allegations other than an explainable parallel with an organisation linked to terror. It must have been in his mind that RSS functionaries’ links with Malegaon bomb-blast case would give him the necessary proof too.
Two, the linking of RSS with SIMI might cost Congress more than it might benefit it in terms of electoral gains. For a large number of followers of RSS, this organisation is a committed nationalistic organisation that has helped in fight against the British during the freedom struggle, and has been helping the society with education, relief and other charitable work. So, their hurt feelings might help in branding Rahul as an immature, uncouth politician if not anti-Hindu.

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