December 19, 2010

Guest Chat: DDA housing scheme 2010 - a first-hand account

DDA, Delhi Development Authority, has come out with 16000 flats in different parts of the city. What's new there, you might ask. The scheme is there for a month and is closing this Friday.

I have some first-hand information about these flats that I gathered by visiting them before applying to the Scheme and I thought I should share them through India News blog.

First I visited Vasant Kunj where DDA built flats for Commonwealth Games but could not complete them in time for the games. The area is very well located, has all the flats airy, there is a lot of common space and parking space. But you cannot be sure of the quality of furnishings going by the tiles and fixtures that you can see at the location and the workmanship. Labourers are seen hurrying up to finish the job. Moreover, DDA is going to charge you for the costly furnishings it purchased in the name of CWG.

I also visited Mukherjee Nagar and Dwarka Sector 18B. Both these locations are near open drains and the work is not yet over. The work is going on at scorching pace; can you guarantee quality of construction and finishing in rush job?

DDA flat locations, as given in their advertisement
Jasola, Bindapur (Dwarka), Narela and Rohini are bad locations. If you are reading this blog, you must be in middle income or higher bracket and a decent way of living. For you, these locations will be  unlivable. From day one, there will be touts and property agents pitching tents in these places. There will be no good masonry work on the flats. People who are forced to live there will be living because they have no other option due to financial or other factors.

Narela, Vasant Kunj (MIG) and wherever you find very few flats are the flats that have not been sold from previous schemes. These odd flats will have one or the other problem. I saw them in Vasant Kunj.

I also had a chance to see Loknayak Puram and Rohini's earlier flats. Less said the better about their workmanship and upkeep. You will find worn out plaster every few feet, highly rust-eaten railings, broken balconies and stairs, very unkempt exteriors and courtyards, bad approach roads.

So Delhiites and others, if you have applied / plan to apply in the scheme, all risk is yours. The so called 'lottery' may prove to be a nightmare if you get a flat and do not check all details before moving in.




  2. I agree with what u say. I myself visited DDA colony in Mukherjee Nagar and found the surroundings in a mess. A friend who lives near the Vasant Kunj flats says, there are problems of drinking water and parking, and the lack of inexpensive colony markets.
    ;) Still I am applying!!!

  3. foremost detail is money. how much les they are available than Market rate. It does not take long to turn around an area but once that looks good it already become unaffordable. so in any case be it an end user or investor go for it and wait for some time. you will sure be proud of your decision.

  4. Here is the money matter

    Vasant kunj DDA charging 5800 per sq ft. Going rate even for normal DDA flat 10000 per sq ft. I expect these to be 13k plus since along with high specification other amenities are more.

    Mukherjee nagar - DDA rate 4200 per sq. ft. market rate 7000-8000 per sq ft.

    These are a few example. I also used to amused at the decision of one of the cousin when he bought a raw DDA flat in dwarka some 7 year ago. It was looking like dumping ground or ruin of a flat but he bought that by spending some 14-15 lac renovated and it commands 80 lac and he is already thinking upgrading.

    Even if you don't feel living at least you can make money to live in your desired location.

    But remember apply only what you can pay off within 90 days or within 180 days with interest from your own resources(loan+your money)

    There are some location where DDA priced these flat just 10-15% less than market price. I hope those location's property price is going to be re rated on upside.

    You can believe corrupt gov. dept as much as a fleecing builder.

    So my advise go for it if you can afford.
    BTW today is last date. ;-)

  5. I have applied. I am sure to get 100 per cent returns. i also agree that some locations are very bad. Narela and Rohini are very bad.