December 20, 2010

what's India's capital: NCT, NCR, Delhi or New Delhi?

Find NCR, NCT and the correct name of India's capital a bit confusing? If you do not live in or near Delhi, chances are that these terms confuse you.

NCT means National Capital Territory. It is the name of the Union Territory [=a province] that has been given a special status as the national capital falls in it. It has 7 districts [the number might increase in future], its own legislature and a number of subjects. It is headed by a Lt Governor and its chief political functionary of the government is the Chief Minister.

NCR is Ntional Capital Region. It includes Delhi [NCT] and surrounding towns including Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida. There is a NCR Planning Board to coordinate common matters relating to this huge area that falls under many States and NCT.

Delhi is NCT, the Union Territory. New Delhi is the correct name of the national capital. However, the municipal bodies, electricity and water supply agencies, postal department, tax administration - all have their own ways of demarkating New Delhi. The municipal affairs of the main area within New Delhi in which the secretariat, President House, PM house etc are located are managed by a New Delhi Municipal Committee [NDMC] while the rest of the urban area within NCT is managed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi [MCD].

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