December 14, 2010

loo's talk: overscamming NDA, sonia style

Sonia as seen by India News
Sonia says, the UPA dealt with corruption better than NDA. She is right. Her party has overscammed NDA by 10:1 both in terms of numbers and in terms of moneys involved. But still, I feel she has not lost everything, if and only if she mends her thinking and her ways.

Dear lady, would it not be better to be clean about it? Your ministers and babus whom you have fixed in key positions milk the country to the bone. If you have nothing to hide and if your Prime Minister is a man of clean image, why don't you bare yourself to public scrutiny of all kinds? What is so big deal about not letting a JPC? Not having a JPC even if the opposition does not allow you to run parliament? To what level will you go down?

Madam, if you have really nothing to hide, be bold and say, you have examined all things and reconsidered your stand... and that you not only agree for a JPC but a speedy probe... and you will take the opposition along, the way one needs to take them along on diplomatic issues, because corruption is the number one enemy of the nation.

But, madam, you don't seem to have such courage of conviction. You believe in political intrigues et al. That's what we, the politically neutral people of India, have started believing. Starting with a high moral ground that you took in refusing Prime Ministership in the first place, either you have degenerated or your that stand itself was a political move as opposition says so often. You must prove yourself above petty politics and filth once again. Would you do that?

If you refuse to lend ears to any sensible counsel, you are on the way to doom, take it from me. The next elections will throw you in the same dustbin in  which the successive elections have thrown Lalu. None from the Gandhi clan would ever be able to resurrect. Look at King Prachanda in Nepal. Learn from our own and others' history and make amends. It is up to you to jump in the well or climb the peak. All the best, either way!!

“Let me reiterate in clearest terms: Our government has nothing to hide or fear. Our concerns are that we should not undermine the established institutions such as the Public Accounts Committee and the CBI. Nor should we do anything that will denigrate the institution of the Prime Minister. We can not sacrifice institutions at the altar of political expediency,” Sonia Gandhi at Congress Parliamentary Party meeting, Dec 14, 2010

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