December 9, 2010

look, how chidu joined forces with u.p. chief secretary

Home Ministry's Secretary Internal Security gave a bite that they had no specific intelligence information about Varanasi blast. Then P Chidambaram gave a bite that the Centre gave information to the state in advance. Mayawati thought it fit to snub Chidambaram with a bite from her Chief Secretary that the Centre only gave a routine warning and no specific intelligence lead was shared with them.

This is how we run our affairs and that's how we run our Centre-State relations! The least our top bureaucrats and political leaders can do is to keep their mouths shut. But when they are approached by a correspondent [and they have plenty of correspondents in their contact group] or they see a TV microphone, their mouths are possessed by something like diarrhoea  and they can't resist the urge to blurt out nonsense. Look at Jairam Ramesh, Pawar, Mani Shankar, Congress spokespersons, Mamta, Sibal, Pranab, Montek, Rangaranjan and Chidambaram - they seem to be competing with each other for a bite.

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