July 18, 2011

If Digvijaya Singh is their brand ambassador, God save the Congress

Diggy, the Rahul acolyte
Congress leader Digvijaya Singh's statement on Mumbai blasts suggests that the party has become victim of a twisted mindset where it sees hand of RSS in every terrorist act. It is unfortunate that Congress has made such leaders its Brand Ambassadors. This vote bank politics spreads communalism and serves the interests of terrorists who want to divide the country on communal lines.

Ironically, it is the Congress leaders who see a communal hand in even innocuous acts of the Sangh Parivar. I am not giving a clean chit to the Parivar fellows, but Congress’s indulging in a propaganda on a matter on which their hands are equally – though differently – dirty, does not wash either.

It is worse that Diggy is seen not only as one who speaks all nonsense on behalf of Sonia and Rahul, he is the party’s torch bearer in UP and a close associate of Rahul. Heis a courtesan waiting for the day his boss becomes the country’s PM. In this respect he is more dangerous than his mentor, the wily Arjun Singh. Dangerous for the boss as well as the party.
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