March 22, 2011

India’s untenable stand on Libya

India has again and again shown inconsistency in dealing with foreign affairs. It never had the guts to stand up to the western powers when they attacked foreign countries on one or the other pretext. Now, India is criticizing them for air strikes on Libyan leader Gaddafi’s establishment. 

India New Today feels that international efforts to uproot a despot who calls his opponents within his own country as ‘rats who need no mercy’, and who does not hesitate in crushing any democratic voice in his kingdom is not comparable to Vietnam, Afghanistan, and even Iraq. It is a weak statement to say that all solutions should be found without violence, when there is an extraordinary situation demanding international intervention. 

What is India – world’s largest democracy - conveying to the world? That it has the guts to oppose the US and its allies? That it is mature enough to deserve a permanent seat in the UN? That the international community, the UN and the Security Council – nobody has a responsibility to act when a despot is killing its citizens who are demanding a democratic – as opposed to autocratic – rule? Does it fear that if it does not take ‘dialogue only’ stand, rebellious voices in Kashmir would get legitimacy? Is it gambling that Gaddafi will stay on and reward Indians and Indian oil companies for this stand?

India's statement on March 20, 2011 on air strikes on Libya
"India views with grave concern the continuing violence, strife and deteriorating humanitarian situation in Libya. It regrets the air strikes that are taking place. As stated earlier by India, the measures adopted should mitigate and not exacerbate an already difficult situation for the people of Libya.
It hopes that this would not lead to greater harm to innocent civilians, foreign nationals and diplomatic missions and their personnel still in Libya.
India calls upon all parties to abjure use of or the threat of use of force and to resolve their differences through peaceful means and dialogue in which the UN and regional organisations should play their roles."


  1. India should stick to its policy of dialogue. It should never follow America even if tht means no support to democracy wanting people in Africa.

  2. We need to support the pro-democracy forces. American aggression elsewhere cannot be equated with Libyan raids.