March 17, 2011

Why we hail Times of India stand on caste reservation

The Times of India carries a brilliant editorial today, titled, Reservation as a welfare tool is past its sell-by-date. On Jat agitation, the editorial argues in favour of a genuine affirmative action and a stop to reservation politics.

Many pro-reservationists, who are either convinced that only caste-based reservation can emancipate the socially backward castes or who have a vested interest in continuance of the reservation system will – as usual – call the Times of India arguments a pro-upper caste [मनुवादी] and ivory-tower approach to the issue. 

India News Today feels that many progressive thinkers, including those from the reserved categories, are against perpetuation of caste, and are in favour of an all-inclusive model of social and economic development. But they do not have individual or collective strength to prevail over the pro-caste forces in the present environment of competitive vote-bank politics, poor statesmanship and lack of courage for reforms.

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