October 29, 2010

sharing headley's terror leads: american duplicity again

Headley's case has once agains proved what the world knows about the US: they will have friendship at their own terms.

When it comes to their country's perceived interests, they will remind you about international norms, long tradition of their friendship, etc etc and when they have to reciprocate, they are most miserly. Take the case of disasters: they do not want India to have harsh provisions for suppliers of nuclear tech but would like to savage a company such as BP for oil spill. They will grudgingly share superficial leads relating to Headley's terror operations, but would like India to support them in 'fight against international terror' even by keeping mum against a sworn enemy - Pakistan's ISI. America's stand on pollution control and climate change or during negotiations in the WTO are but some examples in which America's stand leaves much to be desired in terms of give and take. But, unfortunately, America gives the impression of being unfair, untrust-worthy, too self-centred, too snooty.

In this type of dealing, America only invites suspicion, not cooperation. It is the world that loses the opportunity to get better peace and development, because America has the ability to take everybody in the world along if it shows that it can be trusted.

[This response is based on reports that America did not share Headley leads with India. American authorities have said that they did not infact have specific information and that it was failure of Indian intelligence agencies that made free movement and actitivies of Headly possible. However, this does not wash the impression that it is America who hesitates in cooperating with other countries even on terror matters when it is not targeted against their own country.]

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