October 30, 2010

corruption country called India

I have been avoiding a new post related to corruption, just to look more tolerant of deviations in the society. But the events in the last two-three days have made me speak out my mind on other fora and this blog.

What do you call it, when the Chief Minister of a state [to be more precise, the Revenue Minister who becomes CM later] bends rules to get certificates to a private housing society? The society grabs prime land in the name of housing for the martyrs, top bureaucrats become members of the society by throwing all norms to the wind, top defence brass and politicians or their kins are given flats, rules relating to environment etc are bent to suit the society, even land from the neighbouring areas is usurped to help the society in many ways. Everything wrong is done, less by a fraudulent official turned builder and more by the highly influential cream of the society who are supposed to lead by example. Now CM Ashok Chavan says he will get everything probed and his kins will return the flats!!

In another instance, another cabinet minister of the same state, allows his wife to grab over 20,000 square feet of prime land of a trust. Here too, all rules are bent to favour the lady. Rane, like Chavan, holds a press conference to show to the world how clean he is.

The Supreme Court asks the Central Government to explain how a cabinet minister who is charged with swindling billions of rupees, in what is called 2G spectrum scam, is still holding his post? No wonder, the honest PM is bound by coalition dharma too tight to act against the Minister, A. Raja.

A leading NGO has called the Shunglu Committee that has been set up on the instance of the Prime Minister to probe into the Commonwealth Game frauds an eyewash. Even with all the limitations of the Committee is taking and all the cover-up that has already been done over months, new skeletons are being reported almost everyday.

As if cracking a poor joke, the Central Vigilance Commission observed national vigilance week and made a call to the people to be honest. It also announced that it had opened its website to the people, allowing them to lodge complaints. Well done, you the great CVC, Mr. P. J. Thomas - is your own record clean?

Earlier corruption related posts including those on Raja and Thomas here.

You (the government) have done nothing on the complaint. The nature of the complaint is serious, but the minister continues till today. One year has gone by. Is that the way the government functions?" the court said. Putting the CBI under the scanner, it asked, "How long will it take to complete the probe? Ten years? It's only slipshod...you are dragging your feet.: rough rendition of what Supreme Court observed on 2G scam on 29.10.2010

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