October 27, 2010

Obama and hate-India, love-India

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Obama is visiting India in less than ten days and this has raised many expectations. People are sure, Obama is coming here to show he cares for India in geo-politics [and thus send signals to China and Pakistan], he cares for the interests of his domestic industry and will go to any extent [plead, bargain, arm-twist, whatever] to help them sell their ware, he cares for America's general economic interests [so, he cares for the huge consumption base in India for myriad American products], he cares for ensuring India's support on contentious issues, he cares for Indian resources such as its biological wealth [so that American companies can exploit them to the hilt] and he cares for Indian administrative and legal initiatives that will help America more than India [eg. a favourable seed bill and reduced liabilitiy for nuclear mishaps]. So, there will be many agreements that will be couched by Indian babus to look like suiting India but will benefit America exclusively or predominantly.

Don't be surprised if there are no announcements from Obama in India's interests. With Manmohan at the helm, India will show him the courtesies that it denies to heads of its neighbouring nations, even the Queen of the nation that ruled India once. In his trademark style, Obama will say big words about Indian and American democracies, India's great cultural heritage, influence of Mahatma Gandhi on him, the great leaser that Manmohan Singh is, and so on. He will also preach us on a few matters, especially the nuclear issues.

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