September 6, 2010

loo's talc: stephen hawking and the god

God knows, whether Stephen Hawking knows about God or not. What I know about Him is that the humans have no means to know and what I know about him is that he is a scientist with profound insight into how the universe functions. For once, he seems to be knowing more than Him.

The Grand Design does exist, we all agree but we don't have agreement on 'who' the designer is. Since the designer cannot be a human being, it should better be called 'what' rather than 'who'. We need to be correct to the point of absolute truth when we are talking about the Grand Design, you know.

So, Hawking now has the answer. The universe came into being on its own, out of nothing. Many things come out of nothing and so this does not come as a surprise to a gullible soul like me. It is like magic in which a pigeon comes out of the hat. But since the hat had nothing before, we know that the pigeon came out of nothing. Once we settle this basic and simple question, coming into being of the universe [which is bigger than a pigeon, aka akla badi ya bhains [=what is bigger, intellect or a buffalo?] is no issue.

The magic parallel also proves Hawking's point. If a magician can create only things as big as the Statue of Liberty or Taj Mahal out of nothing, the Grand Design cannot be created by anybody, however big He may be. So, there was nobody to create it. Perfect.

Hawking, like other mortals, has reached this conclusion in stages. Earlier he thought, the universe was created by a big force but He could not control it when it exploded. He was a disbeliever at that time, like a student trying to unravel the science behind a magic trick. Now that he has become a true believer, he knows the answer. He is like a father who whows there is nothing in the hat, or there is nothing like a disappearing Taj Mahal. It is all maya, didn't they say? Sab maya hai!

Bolo Hawking Baba ki jay!

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