September 8, 2010

what makes manmohan a great world leader & a poor PM?

First let me list the obvious:

He is a great world leader because he is humble and gracious in world meets; he is a go-getter and even if he has a differing stand, he puts it mildly; his age gets him respect - he is one of the oldest political heads of major nations; his personal integrity is beyond doubt, including his sex and family life; he is a learned man – an economics professor by profession; under his PMship, India has become a world economy to recon with and appreciably untouched by global recession, and he is credited with turn around in Indian economy in 1991; he is not belligerent with neighbours and this shows him as a peacenik; on many economic matters his views are in line with the western views; he and his government are accessible to foreign envoys and visiting dignitaries and he gives them an ear; in international fora his government doesn’t criticise the west loudly on matters in which India has a differing stand.

He is an uninspiring PM because he is the country's Prime Minister as part of Sonia’s politics, not in his own right; though he may be upright, he is unable to check his partymen and UPA allies from making huge moneys on the sly; he is unable to decide on many matters and when a big decision is taken, it is either Pranab or another minister or Sonia / Rahul who take the credit; he is a very poor public speaker – when he delivers a speech, he gives the impression that he is reading from a poorly-written page; he is not at all a mass leader; his personality is not charismatic; he has not shown any understanding of the needs and difficulties of different sections of the society in his personal or official deeds; his stand on many issues is [rightly or wrongly] seen to be pro-capitalism, pro-west, pro-rich; he hardly ever participates forcefully in a parliamentary debate. You can add many more points here.

At home, a PM in parliamentary democracy is judged by his politics. A non-political PM will seldom evoke confidence among citizens. That makes him a poor PM choice, but that does not mean that he is a bad PM. The chances of a political PM being unreasonable and partisan are much more as compared to a PM like Manmohan Singh. The chances of a political PM failing on economic front and messing up things on social front are much more than in the case of a serious, learned, unruffled man like Manmohjan Singh. We are better off with Manmohan than we would have been with Sonia, Pranab, Advani, Modi or Sharad Pawar, most of whom are seen by the people to be better PM candidates [see this story]. Agree?

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  1. If Manmohan Singh remains what he is and not copy ohters, he will definitely be a bigger man than Nehru. But he will not be allowed by Sonia to become bigger than Nehru. Thats why he is desperate.