September 6, 2010

the new chief vigilance commissioner

The way the government selects top functionaries shakes our confidence on its integrity and it happens again and again. Pratibha Patil was reported to have bungled cooperative funds and she was made the President. Navin Chawla's credentials were not supposed to be above reproach and he was made Chief Election Commissioner. Now, Thomas is supposed to be not clean enough to be posted to the highest vigilance post in the country and he has been made the Chiev Vigilance Commisisoner despite strong objection from the Leader of Opposition, Sushma Swaraj.

I am nobody to judge the integrity of others. However, can the government not find a person more suitable than those on which fingers are raised. Political partisanship is one thing, though it is highly undesirable for posts that need fairness and non-partisanship of the highest order. But to post those with blemishes on their personal probity is outright disgrace on the part of the government. It also brings disgrace to the Prime Minister and Sonia who swear by their personal honesty. What value is their honesty if it allows them to put people of dubious integrity in the highest places?


  1. Shame to have a CVC like Thomas. He will do what Giani Jail Singh did or worse, force CBI to drop all cases against Congressmen and screw opposition into compliance.

  2. I agree with Rattan. Hell with the corrupt burocrats.

  3. Now the BJP has boycotted the ceremony of CVC taking over. But they also supported corrupt people.
    In any case, who cares????????