September 25, 2010

commonwealth games: finally some action

It comes as a much needed comfort that finally the government has taken charge of the games and things are fast improving. There is no time left for any big and systemic change and hence the works will mostly be cosmetic and yet they are very very important for boosting the morale of the nation. India also, deservedly, needs to give a message to the world: ‘you had till today seen how we goofed up because we believed in the capabilities and sincerity of some self-serving guys, and now you see how India can pull it off from the most desperate situation in no time.

One also hopes that the ceremonies and sports events are held smoothly, some records are broken, Jats are pacified and athletes don’t fall ill.

[But the wish also comes with these conditions: Government must (i) thoroughly investigate the inaction and corruption, (ii) take stern action against the guilty, and (iii) do these in a short time. If the government does not heed these, India will not forgive it.

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  1. you call it action? it is congressi eyewash.