September 25, 2010

new steps for Kashmir, new hope

The Centre government has announced eight confidence building steps for the people of J&K, the state in turmoil for most parts of this year.

Like the government arose only after a lot was lost in preparations for the Commonwealth Games, the government has finally arisen and though belated, these should be welcomed. The state government’s first response has been that they are happy and will implement the measures announced by the Centre.

These steps will need to be supported by:
  • The state government implementing them and adding something from its side.
  • The state government implementing them in letter and spirit, without letting the rotten bureaucracy and political class make hay at the cost of the people. Also monitoring by the central government.
  • Well thought-after sops for tourism and other local vocations to let them recover from a long period of inactivity.
  • Continuing with efforts to engage PDP, local intelligentsia and separatists with dialogue and it should be with a flexible give-and-take approach.
  • Improving security along the border and finding a dignified and less obtrusive way to muzzle terrorism. Military should be strengthened in border areas, not weakened, but its role should mostly be what a professional army is supposed to do and is good at.
  • Not getting provoked to fire. Even if cases of arson and hooliganism take place, and these will not die down overnight, the police/ CRPF should innovate ways that are effective but not lethal.
The Centre's steps are listed here.

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