September 25, 2010

congrats, Shaharyar saheb, you deserved it!

I am immensely happy to see the report today that Shaharyar has been selected for 2008 Gnanpith Award, the most prestigeous literary award given in India.

Only yesterday, I had quoted a couplet from Shaharyar's lyrics he had composed for film Gamman. The song has been sung in a dozen different ways by India's top musicians and each version evokes sublime feelings about life at large.

I feel obliged to present the whole poem in this blog.

Seeney mein jalan aankhon mein toofaan saa kyoon hai
Is shahar mein har shakhs pareshaan saa kyoon hai
Dil hai to dhadakney kaa bahaanaa koi dhoondhey
Patthar kee tarah behis o bejaan saa kyoon hai
Tanhaai kee ye kaun see manzil hai rafeeqon
Taa hadd e nazar aik bayabaan saa kyoon hai
Kyaa koi nai baat nazar aati hai hum mein
Aaina hamein deikh ke hairaan saa kyoon hai

Congratulations, Shaharyar saheb, you deserved the award!

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  1. came to know of this blog thru twitter today. nice one. keep it up.