February 3, 2012

Bloody Economic Times says, Supreme Court judgement is 'unfair'

Today I felt like spitting at the Economic Times.
The otherwise respectable English economic daily - the largest circulated one in India - says, the Supreme Court judgement on 2G scam is 'unfair'.
It is not an meotional outburst, and I understand economics well.
If punishing the guilty for blatant misuse of authority and blatantly unethical trade practices based on bribe-giving is unfair, what is fair, dear ET? It is only because papers like you support crony capitalism that the country is growing in statistical growth while poverty, hunger, diseases, civic mess, farmers' suicides and so on continue in this country. Papers like you encouage businessmen and third-rate political leaders and bureaucrats to keep doing what they do.
Shame on you.
[I have praised your mother paper, the Times of India, and your sister TV channel, ET Now, for taking up relevant causes. So it is not my bias but your absolutely irresponsible take on SC judgement that makes me upset with you. I have decided that I will rant against you as much as I can do till my anger subsides and you apologise. If not, I'll keep spitting on you.]

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