January 6, 2012

Why is BJP ‘a party with a difference’?

BJP is indeed a party with a difference, and we keep learning about this quality of BJP now and again. Look, the way it spoiled its image by letting its Karnataka and Uttarakhand CMs stick to their seats till it became unbearable. Numerous political observers have talked in current affairs shows that the two CMs in question used their money bags to silence the top brass. We are not sure whether that is true or not, but the trend shows that things are rotting in a big way in BJP’s moral core.
BJP’s handling of Lokpal issue also made the party look like a mirror-image of the ruling major, the Congress. The lack of moral courage, indulgence in insincere rhetoric, resolve to deny the country an effective anti-corruption institution… BJP showed itself as a party with a difference – yes, people are seeing huge difference from its initial image of being disciplined, nationalistic and honest.  
The latest act of commission, the entry of Kushwaha in the party leaves the party with a rotten egg on its face. On one hand, the party postures by meeting the president [who is ‘Her Excellency the President of India’ other than a Congress’s hand-picked politician?] and in parallel, the party’s president is busy selling the party’s reputation on a tainted BSP-discard called Kushwaha! 
Sometime back, India News Today talked about a serious internal drift within BJP. The way BJP is declining, it may soon end up being another BSP or SP. We don’t need another instance of what happens to a ‘national’ party when it loses its moral strength and tries to compete with others in third-rate politics. Btw, when the party was supposed to be a relatively honest party, the positive public image might have been because people had not seen its true colours, or maybe it acquired the colours once it came to power.

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  1. If you compare BJP with congress, both of these parties have worked as per their own convenience. You have to create your perception which is slightly better for one party otherwise you won't be able to vote for any.

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