August 5, 2011

Lokpal Bill, Jan Lokpal Bill and the two together

Anna with supporters burning the bill
The Lokpal Bill has finally been introduced in the Lok Sabha - the lower house of Indian parliament. Meant to put accountability on Ministers and public servants, and to take action against the corrupt, this bill is the outcome of enormous pressure put on the executive by social activist Anna Hazare.

The authority that is to be created for the purpose of taking action against the corrupt is called Lokpal [lit= people's protector].

I give here the link to the full text of the bill the way it has been introduced in parliament here:
Lokpal bill.

This is the link to the Jan Lokpal bill, the draft prepared by Anna Hazare's team: Jan Lokpal bill
This is the link to the pamphlet circulated by Anna's team to educate people about the shortcomings in the official draft, which is dubbed as 'joke pal' by the activists.Pamphlet on Jan Lokpal vs Official Lokpal
They burned copies of the official draft after it was introduced in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Just to complete the story, Anna Hazare has threatened to hold fast and satyagraha [=protest] in Delhi on August 16 against dilution of terms of reference of the Lokpal bill by the government in the official draft.
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