April 12, 2011

Anna being pitched against Ambedkar: cunning plot!

As we have alreday stated on this India News Today post, there would be different views on the way Lokpal Bill has to be drafted and many more views on how corruption can be tackled. Anna's close colleagues also do not seem unanimous on all counts. A number of newspapers have been critical of the draft of Jan Lokpal Bill as proposed by the activists. Different shades of opinion are what make a democracy vibrant.

Do you think, the spirit and tools adopted by Anna are against the constitution? The government nominees in the drafting committee would let Anna or his people - legal luminaries included - do something that is against the constitution?

However, to hold a rally against the proposed Lokpal Bill in the name of constitution is not resistance but a ploy to derail the process of weeding out corruption in public life. Who other than those with vested interst in corruption would do this? Such elements seem to have found a helping hand from anti-Anna Maharashtrian lobbies. They feel, by invoking Ambedkar they would also confuse and thus sway dalits too to their side.

It is said that patriotism is the last refuse of scoundrels. The proposed rally seems to be last refuse of the scoundrels in the garb of protectors of the constitution.

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