June 6, 2011

My quick simple posers to Kapil Sibal

When you negotiated with Anna and Baba Ramdev, did you represent me through the government or you represented Congress? Yes, because you did not represent us, the countrymen, you showed your ugly face when you failed.

You say, a baba should do yoga and not meddle in politics. Since when has politics become the exclusive domain of super-rich lawyers like you?

Is the wealth accumulated by you through legal practice reasonable? Have you not earned it by taking up rich people’s cases? How many cases of public good have you fought?

Why can’t you keep your mouth shut when it is not required? Only because you can speak well should you talk nonsense again and again?

What makes you a negotiator? Your being a good lawyer and the cunningness that you possess? You messed up negotiations with Anna and Baba Ramdev so badly because you felt, you will ‘defeat’ them through your lies and machinations?

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