June 7, 2011

Kapil Sibal, Chidu and Bhardwaj: look at your public face, Sonia!

If the UPA claims to be a party that cares for the common man, and it indeed comes out with some very good poor-friendly and citizen-friendly programmes, why does it not have people at the helm those who care for the people? People who are above reproach? People who really represent people? People who are not always soaked in their elitism and arrogance, machinations, pettinesses and a contempt for the real India?

Take Chidu. His public stand on naxalism, Telangana, anti-Christian violence in Orissa, centre-state relations…. You name the topic and we can tell you how he bungled the issues and made it worse to handle. A politician who won his seat with state power, and all his party candidates lost in the recent legislative elections, does he  deserve to be the federal home minister? You might say, he is efficient; then, bring a strategist, an MBA or a proven administrator to hold this post. At least we’ll get rid of terrorism and naxalism, if nothing else.

Take Sibal. He is 'contempt for others' personified. Nobody can have ideas better than him. Nobody can, of course, beat his connections among Delhi’s super rich. He bungles again and again and the government finds him fit to negotiate with the civil society. Remember how he messed up negotiations with Anna before they could barely be salvaged? Now, his utterly opaque and cunning talks with Baba Ramdev and its aftermath has left your party bruised in public eyes like never before. Yes, his second innings with Anna too is proving a disaster.

Bharadwaj. Does he deserve to be a governor? A governor who plays petty politics with his ‘own’ government in the state has no right to be there. He should represents the state and he should also represents the centre, so he has to be a very mature, impartial patron rather than a party to the games state’s politicians are playing.

If you allow such cronies to represent your government, madam, the charge of remote control and being anti-public will stick on you. Only you are there to blame for your fall, if you do not encourage honest politicians with mass base. Your people-friendly policies will bring you no votes either if these brats spoil your case again and again. You have shown maturity and grace before, you must show it now with your acts. Only then the people will like you, vote for you and give you the respect you deserve.

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