May 10, 2011

When a local agitation leads to Sangurs and Parsauls

Mayawati Government is fully responsible for the bloody battle that has been taking place in Greater NOIDA.

It is obvious that without land acquisition, industries are not going to come in a big way, something that has led to China becoming an economic superpower. It is therefore natural that states want to acquire land. There are numerous vested interests in the land acquisition process: the farmers, local as well as big politicians, intermediaries and land developers, industries, governments. In this confusing scenario, farmers resort to agitations due to their genuine misgivings and [often] bloated demands for compensation, and such agitations are a good ground for opposition and goons to play. But while many such agitations have been handled well, inept handling of such issues leads to Singurs and Parsauls.

In UP, Behan Mayawati likes to handle every every issue by whims and without listening to other viewpoints. She wants everybody to behave as per her wishes, and so far her highhandedness has succeeded in dealing with Mulayam, Congress and BJP. But she forgets that she is dealing with real issues that affect people and that agitate people. Only a mature handling can defuse explosive situations such as in Singur and Parsaul.

Behanji, learn to treat humans like humans and deal with the situation with administrative acumen and political maturity. Blaming opposition and hooligans for what happened in Parsaul is a stupid excuse.

The UPA Government at the Centre is equally to blame. Land acquisition has become a national problem and many development projects getting delayed. The Central government is avoiding the land acquisition bill on the insistence of Mamta Bannerjee, but we hope the elections will pave way for passage of a sensible bill on land acquisition.

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