May 3, 2011

Osama is dead, but I'm not particularly happy

Osama is dead but that does not kill terrorism. The US has been trying single-mindedly to pursue Osama and have succeeded finally. This serves to satisfy the ego of the only superpower on the earth, but does not take care of terrorism on the whole.

For the US, terrorism has never been absolutely bad; it could be good if it helps the US in gaining foothold over a region. India too had its good terrorism in Sri Lanka but it seems to have learnt to be more ethical in geo-strategic affairs. Even if it tries to have similar, blinkered, vision, India cannot afford to do so but the US can, and it will always keep doing so. Wikileaks have exposed the duplicity of American foreign policy, but all keen observers already knew that. No wonder, despite championing the cause of world peace, the US is suspected by all nations.

Gandhiji and many pacifist thinkers have talked of the evil power called ‘the state’. If we analyse the everyday actions of governments all over the world, including their secret agencies, corrupt and power-hungry politicians and bureaucracy, and other paraphernalia, they are collectively the biggest terrorists. Rulers of the West Asia and Africa use their absolute power and democracies use the power concentrated in a few hands in the name of people’s will – but all use the powe4r of the state for bad ends. While we be happy that Osama is dead, let’s also remember that there are thousands of Osamas killing people and extorting money, another few thousand mini-Osamas that kill people legitimately, and many thousand that kill people without shedding a drop of blood.

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