March 15, 2011

BJP’s credibility, Advani’s repentance

Advani in his heydays
After saying sorry to Sonia Gandhi for his remarks against her, LK Advani says, the demolition of Babri masjid is harming his party’s credibility. Why this attainment so late? Was he not the biggest BJP leader on the spot when the structure was demolished by an insane crowd? What did he do to stop them? In fact, the question that should be asked is who invited the crowd there? Was it not his ‘mandir wahin banayenge’ [=We’ll make temple there only.] slogan that created the hysteria?

Advani’s recent regrets seem to be linked to the recent Supreme Court notice against him on Babri demolition case. By showing remorse now, the face of BJP is trying to secure his personal interest but at the cost of credibility of his party he is purporting to preserve. Whether right or wrong, Advani’s and BJP’s credibility lies in being a Hindutwa votary unless they want to change their philosphy. Of course it will be good for the country if the party adopts a more secular worldview, but it must make up its mind.

India News Today feels sad for BJP that whenever it has an upper hand against the ruling coalition, Advani seems to get pangs of guilt or a vision opposite to his party’s. The two regrets follow his earlier statement praising Jinnah, the most hated person for the Hindutwa ideologues. 

Let BJP think of its credibility in a more credible way. No? 

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