September 22, 2010

can BJP use Ayodhya to its advantage?

BJP is caught in a big dilemma about its stand on Ayodhya. If the party can come out of it with a sensible stand that shows sagacity and political maturity, it might prove to be a turning point. For a party that has lost its moorings [see here for my earlier analysis], such opportunities are godsend.

The entire Hindutwa pariwar is discussing various alternative approaches to take depending on what the verdict will be. Advani has talked of going to the Supreme Court if the verdict goes against the Hidutwa stand on Ayodhya, and RSS is appealing for calm. There seems to be realisation within the pariwar that the ‘aspirational’ India might not support any radical stand this time.

There was mass hysteria in favour of the pariwar in 1992 when the Babri masjid was demolished by an unruly mob and the short-term aims of the constituents of the pariwar – RSS, BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal - and Hindu religious groups associated with them had converged. Now they have their own agendas and their cadres too look at Ayodhya in different lights. BJP will, therefore, need to articulate its stand that suits the broad pariwar agenda, does not demoralise its right-wing partymen and voters, does not alienate its moderate supporters, does not mar its image as a sensible political party and takes its political fortunes forward. This part, I think, BJP leaders can do well but the real challenge will be to strategise it and convert it into a work plan. I have my doubts on that. I apprehend, BJP will lose this opportunity like many times in the past.

My second part of BJP’s analysis will come after the Ayodhya dust settles down.
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