February 14, 2011

Let Shourie bare it all!

Arun Shourie on India News
Shourie seems to be passing through ashwathama hatah (अश्वथामा हत:) movement in his life. Remember the episode in Mahabharata, when Yudhishtira had to tell a truth couched in a way that would hurt Dronacharya, his master on the enemy side. He had to suffer for the adulteration he made to the truth, but it achieved a public good.

Let Shourie tell everything about the norms created during his times [and are being used as defence by Raja to justify his own misdeeds]. It is difficult to doubt personal integrity of Shourie. He was executive editor of Indian Express and took the paper to its peak in terms of journalism with his relentless exposes of corruption at high levels.

If Shourie can establish why his actions, when he was Telecom Minister under Atal Bihari Vajpayee, were in good spirit, were necessary at that time of evolution of telecom industry, and did not unduly benefit some people or business interests, it will help in focusing the investigations where the focus should be.

Whatever wrong was done, if it was indeed done, during Shourie’s time does not absolve Raja and the present UPA government, but the truth needs to be known. To that extent, Shourie’s deposition before CBI should not only clean him of the muck Raja has thrown on him, it should establish the personal culpability of Raja. Shourie should tell much more than he is asked to do by CBI. He should bare all he knows and thinks about the 2G policies and their implementation over the years.


  1. Apt expression, ashwathama hatah moment. Shourie has the conviction, we know. He will end up embarassing everybody.):

  2. We need Shourie and his types to be in active politics, but they are not liked by their own parties' bigwigs.