February 14, 2011

Awake, governments, or your fall is near!

A poll by Times of India suggests that people are getting fed up with governments, both at the central and in states.  ‘Inflation is beginning to hurt seriously, corruption is at an all-time high and the government is not doing enough to tackle either problem,’ is how Times of India sums it up.

The 8-city survey, though urban-centric, reveals people’s digust with government only doing lip service when it comes to prices of items of daily use.  Similarly, it displays the ‘enogh is enough’ mood of the people regarding scams tumbling out of government stallion.

Not only have people shown displeasure at constantly high inflation, they have said, they have indeed reduced consumption of some items, put off purchases or reduced savings. Six out of seven have blamed either the central or the state governments or both for this. Nearly two-thirds say, government has not done all it could.

On corruption, 83% say, it is at an all-time high. Three-fifths of respondents blame politicians for wide-spread corruption and over one-third believe that the government is not serious about the problem.  Almost everybody maintains that corruption scandals have tarnished the government's image.

  • 97% say price rise has impacted family budget
  • 86% blame Centre and state governments for inflation
  • 62% say government hasn't done all it can to curb prices
  • 83% say corruption at all-time high
  • 60% feel politicians main culprits
  • 64% say government not serious about tackling graft
  • 96% say central government's image damaged by spate of scams
courtesy: Times of India

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