January 18, 2011

KG Balakrishnan: homing pigeons

'ex-Cheap Justice of India?', asks India News Today
It is amusing to see how one's deeds spin a man's fate. It looks ironical too when the man happens to be one of the most influential persons of the land and his earlier subordinates point fingers at him for his misdemeanours.

K G Balakrishnan, the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission and the ex- Chief Justice of India, was a long time CJI of Kerala High Court. Now the Kerala High Court Advocates Association has adopted a motion against him. They demand that he step down from the chairmanship of NHRC until the allegations leveled againt him are found false.

Earlier, the Bar Council of Kerala had petitioned the President to order a comprehensive investigation into allegations against the former Chief Justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan, and his close relatives.

Balakrishnan's two sons-in-law - Sreenijan and Benny - and younger brother K G Bhaskaran have been accused of amassing huge properties. Last week, a local court in Kochi directed the police to look into these allegations.

India News Today had earlier noted the petition by Shanti Bhushan stating that at least 8 CJI of India were corrupt. Do read it here.

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  1. Rotten eggs in Supreme Court as many as they are in Allahabad HC. Take care, the new CJI.