January 19, 2011

G14: when prominent citizens give a wake up call

It was heartening to note that 14 prominent citizens has written an Open Letter To Our Leaders to express alarm at the governance deficit in government, business and institutions.

India News Today had carried an essay yesterday on a similar theme, titled India a failing society?

We feel, more and more people should express their views, so that the governments are forced to act against the corrupt and put the system in place. If the quality of governance does not improve, whatever progress we are making of late will be lost, and it will be lost too soon. The people of India had given the UPA a stable mandate to lead the country for the next five years, but instead of reforms and higher levels of governance that were expected of it, UPA has decayed to unimaginably low levels.

Significantly, the group also says that growth is not reaching the poor and marginalized, and insists that it should be inclusive.

But will Manmohan get up from his Kumbhakarnic stupor?

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