December 25, 2010

vinayak sen verdict: colonial law, colonial mindset

India News salutes Dr. Sen
Dr. Vinayak / Binayak Sen and his co-accused were sentenced to life imprisonment yesterday for a conspiracy to commit sedition. Shocking that police could fix an inconvenient human right activist so easily and the court could be convinced that Dr. Sen needed to kept behind bar for his entire life. The evidences produced by the police are said to be frivolous but enough to get the judgment.

Dr. Sen's real crime [in the eyes of the government and the police] was that he was a doctor dedicated to giving tribals cures for their ailments and also giving them strength. His leaning were to the left; any noble soul who has seen so much suffering in the hands of a corrupt and rabid police would turn well-wisher of the innocent. So was Dr. Sen. Also ironical is that Dr. Vinayak Sen was a human right activist, opposing the type of violations to which he himself has fallen victim.

Arundhati Roy's comments on the court verdict are apt: “A couple of years for the bosses of Union Carbide and a life sentence for Binayak Sen..."

Arundhati herself is facing the charge of sedition. [India News reference to the police case against her, here]

Human right activists from all over India have condemned the verdict. India News joins them all. The judgement shows how the courts can be so badly influenced. It is because the judges themselves have a colonial mindset and it becomes easy for them to apply this mindset to colonial and colonial-type laws  to give pervert judgements.


  1. Got it in email just now. Why are you so kind to people who criticise India and praise Maoists, Kashmiri separatists and Pakistan?
    I am writing this note because I have sort of started seeing your blog regularly and some of your articles are excellent and support good causes. But you must not support these third rate left wingers who only work to divide the society. You know, how much foreign money they get? Policemen are know to do very worst type of things and all people fear them.But you cannot be sympathetic to people like Geelani, Arundhati Rai and Sen. If this man is real doctor,then let him treat people. There are thousands of doctors in Chhattisgarh and who else has been caught by police for sedition charge?
    You must realize, These people become too big when we start supporting them. You should also realize that there is difference between Bhagat Singh and a militant, though Arundhati Rai will say, both are extremists.

  2. The police and judiciary are following politicians. They are dogs. They are ruining the democracy by their extreme actions.

  3. Rana sahab,
    Try to be a bit sensible.

  4. Today, Pioneer has written an editorial saying that the court was right in booking Dr. Sen. It calls the trial as fair trial, relying on technicalities. These right wing people and their papers do much more harm to the nation than Dr Sen and his types.
    Read here:

  5. We must let the law take its course. Value judgements are not good on matters about you dont know as much as the judge knows.
    Let Vinayak Sen's wife appeal. Let the higher court hear them and decide.

  6. Mr Rana, Please read the news report from The Hindu before you pass your judgement on Dr. Sen

    "A hospital with 90 beds, an operation theatre, a pharmacy and more are in place. The hospital and its facilities are open to not just the mineworkers and their families. All those who live within a radius of 100 kilometres from Dalli Rajhara and cannot afford expensive medical treatment are treated here. "It is now a referral hospital in the region," says Dr. Jena, who has been here since 1977. "

    "Dr. Jena, along with Dr. Ashis Kundu reached Dalli Rajhara in 1977, soon after he passed out from the National Medical College, Kolkota. They along with Dr. Vinayak Sen were active in student politics and opted to live among the mineworkers. Neogi had then come out with a slogan: "An initiative by the workers for their own health care" and internalised this into the agenda of the CMSS. "


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