December 23, 2010

old man's anger: सठियाए बूढऊ की सनक

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has demanded an apology from the opposition, accusing them of destroying parliament.

His outburst has come after they rejected his offer of a special session to discuss the JPC issue on 2G scam. Looks like the old village man who thought nobody would defy him, but when he found that people didn't listen to him, he started cursing them. In Hindi, they call such behaiour sathiyana [सठियाना, to be above 60], but you cannot blame Pranbda on that count; he is much older than 60.

"In the entire winter session, they did not allow any opportunity for any discussion on any issue....They have created deadlock in Parliament. They have destroyed the institution. They should apologise to the nation," says the man known to take cudgels on behalf of the Congress whenever the party is in trouble.

If the ruling formation is really serious about parliament, why is it not agreeing to a JPC, which is an established institution in India's parliamentary procedures. Where is the question of a debate on JPC, not a JPC? What is holding the Congress from agreeting to a JPC?

India News, fully neutral to party politics, fully supports the opposition on this issue and condemns the dilly-dallying by the Congress on JPC.

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