November 5, 2010

sonia, rahul, manmohan, your words sound hollow

It was comic to hear Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari when he tried to explain that Sonia had indeed talked of corruption in her speech at the All India Congress Committee [AICC] session. He was responding to media's refrain that Sonia, Manmohan and Rahul, the three most important functionaries of Congress did not talk of corruption in public life that has been in the news for the last couple of months. The fact is, whatever Manish says in their defence, none of them spoke of corruption.

My view is, even if they had delivered their speeches only on corruption, that would make no difference unless they show any sincerity in punishing the mighty who have indulged in massive corruption and are still holding important portfolios. Raja broke all rules to favour a few in 2G spectrum distribution and is said to have cost the exchequor a humungous sum of Rs. 2,00,000 crore [Rs. 2000 billion] - despite CAG's and Supreme Court's stinging remarks, he is not only untouched he continues to hold the post of a union cabinet minister. The list is swelling by the day: Prasar Bharti chief Lalli, CVC Thomas, ex-CEC Navin Chawla, Maharashtra CM Chavan... And what we come to know of is only a tip of the iceberg. I have been naming them ad nauseum.

So, only big words will come out of the holy mouths of Sonia, Rahul and Manmohan and these words now sound hollow. If not for the sake of the country, for the sake of the party and for their own sake, they must take a stand. If their strategy is to not act tough and keep the corrupt on the tenterhook so as to make them pawns that can be sacrificed in political game when the right time comes, they are doing it at the expense of the country's economy and social-political health. A nauseatingly meek PM, a powerful lady who thinks only politics and a powerful man who delves only in symbolism are not a good combination for the country.

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  1. If corruption can be removed from India, it will become an economic giant. International business perception will improve bringing more funds and business, inequality will reduce, tensions will be less, quality of life will improve.........