November 6, 2010

India's human development: 119 too low

Without any comments, I am giving below some statistics about India's ranking in the Human Development Index [HDI] announced by the UNDP yesterday:

India ranks 119. Some other countries' ranks are as follows:
Norway 1
Australia 2
New Zealand 3
Russia 69
Brazil 73
China 89
Sri Lanka 91
Pakistan 125
Bangladesh 129
Nepal 138
As per the Human Development Report, new tools have been used to arrive at HDI rankings this time. 'In this Report we introduce three measures to the Report family of indices—the Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index, the Gender Inequality Index and the Multidimensional Poverty Index. These state-of-the-art measures incorporate recent advances in theory and measurement and support the centrality of inequality and poverty in the human development framework.'

India's figures for key indicators of human development are:
life expectancy in years: 64.352
Mean years of schooling in adults: 4.399
Per capita yearly income [after parity] $3337.366
Inequality adjusted HDI: 0.365 [maximum: Norway: 0.876]
Intensity of deprivation: 53.5
Gender inequality index: 0.721 [minimum: Norway: 0.234]
Adjusted net saving: 24.2%
Robberies per lakh population: 1.6
HDI value: 0.519 [world: 0.624, maximum: Norway: 0.938, India in 2009: 0.512]

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