September 11, 2010

BJP: another plunge, another bet

Jharkhand has got the eighth Chief Minister in ten years of the state’s life in Arjun Munda. This has been made possible by Gadkari’s covert parleys with the JMM supreme Shibu Soren and his son.

The last time they BJP and JMM were together was three months back when Shibu the ultimate opportunist supported the UPA government during a cut motion in parliament. BJP withdrew its support leading to President’s rule in the state.

Some senior BJP leaders are said to be miffed with the alliance but the party has denied any rift within the party over the matter. But Gadkari felt that Congress was exploiting the President's rule for political gains and there was need to regain power in the state. This also shows what I have written before: dilemma within BJP.

But the senior leaders' reservation might prove right in since the new alliance is not likely to remain united for long, if you recall Soren's politics so far. Even if it somehow remains stable, it would help the parties only if they have a serious agenda for growth and employment, social development, handling naxalism and other pressing issues. Should the state’s denizens dream that?

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