August 2, 2010

the way they are wasting public money on commonwealth games

Commonwealth Games are welcome, for that matter even Olympics. We in India need them more than many other nations because our obsession with cricket does not allow us to excel in other games.
What is so sad is the way the Commonwealth Games preparations have been handled. Starting with a sports minister who didn't want the games, the Organising Committee's lacklustre performance and poor monitoring of timelines and finances have made a mess of everything. The amount they have spent on the Games would have created a nice sports city somewhere near Delhi. People outside Delhi feel, the government is spending enormous sums to spruce up Delhi; Delhiites have suffered for over two years how the roads have been dug and re-dug and driving [huge traffic jams because of digging of roads] and walking [footpaths vanished and wherever they are left, they are dug up] and even living in the city [with unbearable levels of dust in the air] has become a pain.
Let the Games happen. Let them happen in a big way. After that, there should be thorough probe into siphoning of money, favouritism, exaggerated billing, flouting of norms and wilful wasteful expenditure. Let them not go scot free only because at the end the Games were a success [wish that it happens that way].

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