August 10, 2010

‘me lord’, remove your blindfold !

A survey conducted by Dainik Jagran, a popular Hindi daily, about public perception of Indian judiciary confirms what we individually feel. Look at the figures:

About 70 % people have said, they are not happy with the judicial system.

More than half of the respondents have only some faith in the judiciary and a quarter other people have lost all faith. In all, only one out of four people have faith left in judiciary.

Over 29 % people feel that corruption is the biggest bane of Indian legal system and 28.6 % feel that delays are the biggest problem. 27.8 % people feel that both these maladies, the costs involved and obsolete laws together have rotten the system.
Four out of five people have stated that judges should be bound by norms of judicial conduct.

People who have had experience of courts seem to be frustrated. An overwhelming 81.1 % of them have found the judicial system full of corruption. Only 35.8 % of them were satisfied with the judgement.


  1. If we can make our judiciary corruption free, we will achieve a lot. There will be fear of judiciary among criminals and unruly bureaucrats. You are right in bringing Jagran survey here to expose that corruption is the biggest bane of judiciary in India.