August 12, 2010

Kashmir problem is a state creation

I approached this issue earlier too, and the present one is in response to PM’s all-party meet.

There should be no doubt in the minds of policy makers in New Delhi that Kashmir problem of today is largely a creation of state: the state government, the centre itself and the military.

Yet, Delhi behaves like the monarchs of yesteryears who would install a friendly satrap in a remote province and watch disinterestedly if that satrap made a mess of his kingdom.

Consider these:

The Prime Minister woke up only after two months and 50 youths’ death. And he woke up only to utter something that does not make any impact on the listeners – it is like a long yawn from a distant aunt on a visit.

The Chief Minister has mostly been aloof from the ground. When there was peace, people didn’t notice but he remained aloof when boys were killed in cold blood.

Look at the callous responses from the central government: ‘stone pelters have to be tackled and such mistakes [killing of the innocent by security forces] are bound to happen.’

There is polarization in the available political space, between PDP and NC. Local Congress leadership seems to be happy with this situation.

There seems to be no sincere effort to attend to Kashmiri people’s psyche, which due to historical, geo-political and communal reasons is very sensitive. There is no appreciation that Kashmir’s problem is not merely an expression of economic frustration or Pakistan’s gameplan or separist-induced outburst of emotions.

It is not that policy makers and governments’ thinking hats have lesser understanding of the issues than this lay blogger, but there is complete lack of positive, sincere and dispassionate intent to attend to Kashmir.

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