September 24, 2011

The absolute truth and a particle travelling beyond the speed of light

Today’s papers have reported of a particle that travels faster than light, thus negating the foundation of Einstein’s theories. Sometime earlier, we heard that scientists have decided to dump the contemporary hypothesis of a ‘god particle’. No surprise, and we can expect to have very different hypotheses in the area of quantum physics to explain what constitutes the universe.

The problems with our science in search of the ‘absolute truth’ are many-
  • We think in linear terms, and can’t think [and can’t get proof of] in a non-linear, all-pervasive way where we get rid of the acquired notions of science and truth. If we go too tangentially, we turn either stupid or insane, and yet we are not likely to achieve anything.
  • We think, despite our limitations of biological existence and senses, we can think and find proof of the universe infinite times as big as us in terms of time, energy and space [if at all these things exist].
  • The scientific ego is not comfortable with a situation with all ‘null’ values for all attributes of existence.
  • We cannot imagine a situation with all ‘null’ and ‘infinite’ values existing together.
How about a stupid model of existence? [And you can have them in any number.]

Suppose the entire sum of existence exists in these two types of hypothetical particles:
  • A: particle with zero values for mass and energy
  • B: particle with infinite values for mass and energy
Now suppose that A and B are one. Call the unified A+B as the Absolute Truth Particle. Now how do you know the Absolute Truth Particle exists? Who is saying, it exists? Where is the question of a particle? Where is the question of speed, mass and energy when the null and infinite values meet? So, it leads towards Absolute Truth without a particle.

What happens to various theories? What happens to relativity? Can absolute truth need relativity? What are you searching for and where?

Yes, we have earth, the universe that our machines have discovered exist, the sun rises and sets and the earth revolves around it. These are truths that our senses and their products – our machines – tell us. They are part of the Absolute Truth but what we know of them is not the absolute truth about them. We have gone too linear in our thinking: molecule – atom – proton – electron – neutrino… We seem to have found all our proofs wrong because they germinate from our pre-conceived scientific notion. Our hypotheses and inferences are not likely to be any better than those of the church about the sun revolving around the earth before Galileo proved them wrong.

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