August 28, 2011

India wins, democracy wins!

India wins second freedom- 
freedom from corruption
freedom from apathy
It is a great day for India, despite the cynicism that one Lokpal bill is not a panacea for the country's ills.
A lot has been said and is being said about why the day is so important, how parliament had to heed people's will, why the Jan Lokpal is faulty, and so on. Media has been blamed for going overboard; the Anna fight is being dubbed as hurtful to minority and dalit interests; legal and political luminaries are afraid that the trend set by Anna has set wrong precedents.
Social media played a big role, whether the traditionalists like it or not. We, the tech-initiated Indians, flooded social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. I too tried to be active in small bursts, and made my little contribution, and I am proud of that.
In this unusual buzz, whatever I say will be a repetition. Today is not the time to analyse corruption or Lokpal seriously. Today is the day to live and watch Anna break his fast. In 40 minutes from now, he breaks his fast after shaking India, the young India, of its slumber.
Hail the new spirit of democracy, hail the new momentum for good governance!

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