July 8, 2011

Like Rawana’s and Duryodhana’s armies, the head count in Manmohan Singh’s army goes on!

Manmohan Singh's cabinet: Rawana's falling army?
Rawana – the king of Lanka – happens to send his trusted aides one by one to fight Lord Ram’s army. When Rawana gets the news that his valiant commanders are killed, he doesn’t repent a bit and sends his son, Meghnad to the battle ground. When the son is killed too, he sends his brother, Ahirawana and so on, till his own end.

Duryodhana – the kaurava king of Mahabharata fame – also loses his commanders one by one, till none is left to fight.

Is the same saga being replayed in UPA-II ? Kalmadi [though not a minister, but powerful Congress leader] gone… Raja gone… Kani [close ally Karunanidhi’s daughter, no less] gone… Ashok Chauhan gone… Maran gone… Iqbal Singh and Lalli [close associates of Manmohan: Puducherry governor and Prasar Bharti CEO] in trouble… PJ Thomas gone… Murli Deora almost going… Hasan Ali, Lavasa, Radia and Devas-Antrix deal behind us…

There are reports that PM’s approvals in coal block auction are suspect too. He has not only been keeping the people of suspect integrity in high places and in his cabinet, he made Raja his minister again after knowing that he was doing mischief I UPA I. He has acted in a few cases, but only after the civil society, opposition or courts forced him to do so. What is Dr Mamnohan Singh waiting for to happen, before he gets counted?

I think, he has many people to look up to, who have stuck to power despite all the muck on their faces: P Chidambaram doggedly holding his fort despite his commissions getting exposed again and again… President Patil is in the top position while carrying a cooperative-scam blot on her sari… Pawar holding key position in his cabinet despite his name cropping up again and again… Praful Patel becoming cabinet minister after making Air India bankrupt to help his friends’ companies…

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