June 5, 2011

Baba Ramdev's fast and a third-rate government

Baba Ramdev
For now, Baba Ramdev has been quashed.

But this shows terminal weakness in the government, not in Baba Ramdev. Of late, Baba had acquired a cult figure and unfortunately he was conscious of it. Had he been more sober and not play into the government's hands, his movement would not have ended this way. His and his advisers' inexperience in handling a cunning government resulted in his 'deal' being 'exposed' by a government waiting for any such opportunity, and he became defensive. Then the government machinery struck.

Thanks to Baba's appeal for calm and no use of violence, the Delhi Police were emboldened to carry out the task assigned to them, when people were half asleep. This is no great show of government's strength; it shows government's insecurity.

If the government had been (i) committed to uprooting corruption, (ii)showing its intention to resolving conflict borne out of civil society activism and public anger, and (iii) firm, it would have acted much before Baba took the fast. Insted of rushing very senior ministers to airport to talk to Baba, it should have engaged Baba much earlier. Administratively, it should have not allowed Baba Ramdev to hold yaga shivir in Ramlila Ground or for that matter anywhere in Delhi. It [basically Congress only] first bent forward, then backwards and then prostrated and then exploded: figuratively it was what Nalini did to Rajiv Gandhi, no?

I wrote earler, I am not a Ramdev disciple. I am against government's conduct and its slimy ways. Most of our leaders are corrupt to the core. They make laws and they lead the nation. They are protected while innocents die from malnutrition, terrorism, etc. They are responsible for the poverty, caste divide, naxalism, land issues, poor infrastructure.... all our woes. Then they treat the public anger with utmost contempt. In case of Congress, it has contempt for its allies and opposition too. They need to be taught a lesson - the sooner the better.

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