May 26, 2011

Krittika Biswas: victim of a racial America?

Krittika-suffered for being Indian?

The story of Krittika Biswas’ being arrested on false charge of sending obscene emails to her teachers was flashed across media yesterday. She has slapped a claim of $1.5 million on the city of New York.

We don’t need to repeat the story and we are not bothered why she was not given diplomatic immunity, but highlight some instances of unacceptable conduct on the part of school and police authorities:

  • She was not given a chance to prove innocence before being handcuffed. Can you arrest a student just because someone says she sent her indecent emails? Had the complainant given enough proof of threat?
  •  She was put in the lock-up and ill treated by the police. Can you do that to any person, even a young lady, who is not known as a habitual offender or a hardcore criminal?
  •  She was threatened that she would be put up in prison along with criminals if she didn’t confess. Is such mental pressure acceptable in a civilized society?

  • The real perpetrator was found out, and yet was not arrested [so far] and Krittika was made to undergo suspension. Could the school not be quick in booking the real culprit and more lenient to the innocent girl?
On the face of it, this appears to be a case of a teacher wanting to teach a pupil a lesson for whatever personal reason, and the police acting recklessly and without sensibility only because she was a foreign national – particularly because she was an Indian.

Remember the case of Indian students being    in America earlier?

Long back, we carried the story of Vijay Kumar, an Indian who suffered in the hands of a callous US system.

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