January 6, 2011

Srikrishna report: escape valve can't douse Telengana fire

Srikrishna Committee report on Telengana was supposed to give sufficient elbow-room to the Union Government for maneuver, and it has done this well. But rather than reducing the fire for a new Telengana state, it would only stoke it. How can a Government not give Telengana to its people when the main constituent of UPA, Congress, put this in its manifesto and the entire Andhra assembly unanimously approved it? How will the pro-Telengana people swallow it? Besides the emotional attachment of Telengana people, politicians' stakes are too high to be allowed to fritter away.

No doubt it is a difficult call and has unseen political and other implications, but where is the safe escape beyond Srikrishna? If this report was an escape valve, can it douse the fire? [No escape valve does that.] In desperate search of another escape valve, will they somehow bring in Supreme Court and hope that the djinn  rests in peace?

You can see the Srikrishna Committee report in full here and annexures here; its  summary is available here.

India News Today's earlier take on Telengana here.  

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