December 1, 2010

nitish's 'right to service' sounds good

Nitish Kumar seems to be on the right track: fighting corruption is one of his top priorities, he has shown by initiating the process to bring a bill on Right to Service. It is reported that the proposed right would provide that officials responsible for the delivery system of public utility services will have to do their job within a specified time frame. In case of their failure to do so, they can be penalise as in the case of RTI Act.

In his first meeting with the top bureaucrats of the state, the Chief Minister told them that besides zero tolerance against crime and criminals he would like to intensify his crusade against corruption and red tape. Nitish said that the people were fed up with red tape and rampant corruption in government offices, and it was high time the state government took stringent measures to check it. People had to run from one office to another, wait for months and sometimes years to get their work done. Even for petty jobs like new electricity connection or a caste certificate they are asked to pay bribes and run around, he said. The words sound good, and the time only will tell whether he can stick to his intent and whether he succeeds in this. All the best wishes from India News Today.

Madhya Pradesh, earlier this year, enacted the Public Service Guarantee Act 2010 guaranteeing the delivery of time-bound services to the citizens, failing which the government officials concerned are liable to be penalised.

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  1. Rajive Gandhi showed a lot of promise inhis first term but then decayed. The second example is Mayawati. Nitish should take lesson from that. Too much power , without opposition, has a tendency to turn autocratic and then do things at one's whim.