November 17, 2010

loo's talc: high time you resign, sardarji !

Dear Manmohan Singh Ji,

We have held you in high esteem, mostly because of the image you let us create of you in our minds for all these years. We don't know whether we are right or wrong. We only wish, you are honest. Honest, at least by Indian political standards.

You have ruled the country for over six years and have presided over a number of known and unknown scams, and the generally decaying administration. We also know, you have been a silent spectator while you could have intervened. You were and are in that position, Sardarji.

You sat quiet when you were given specific instances in which A. Raja showed extreme misdemenour, and you will still keep doing so, despite Supreme Court pointing its finger at you. Did you bother for CAG's and Supreme Court's observations on Raja? Mind it, these are the ultimate seats of public probity. Though neither of them is above reproach, that does not mitigate your misconduct of omission.

Now, you have done one better: you have chosen to preach the CAG the difference between errors and deliberate mistakes. By the way, your routine reticence was broken when you tried to support your government on foodgrain rotting observations made by the Supreme Court. So, sir, you have started committing in addition to omitting. 

Dear Sardarji, we know that in the present political scenario, there might not be a better prime ministerial candidate than you, though people seem to feel otherwise. But should you not resign, when you happen to hold the highest political seat in the country, and under you, the union cabinet that is collectively responsible to the people of this country, and people in your cabinet and your party and your leaders in states all have lost the moral right to rule the country? For the sake of your own esteem, leave aside the country. If I were in your exalted position, I imagine I would. And I would not resign in a hurry, and before resigning I would ensure that the big sharks are punished and the message goes down the system.

"It's not that Swamy's petition was vague. And his right to seek sanction to prosecute, which is a legal right, does not depend on the ipse dixit of anybody. And the DopT letter terms the petition as 'premature'. Does this mean his right to to seek sanction has not ripened yet? And did the sanctioning authority know at the time of filing of the petition that there will be a CBI probe? We are on alleged inaction and silence. The outcome of the CBI inquiry is totally outside his control. This what is worrying us. Can some one's legal right be asked to wait?... We are on the alleged inaction and silence of the sanctioning authority for 11 months on Swamy's petition seeking sanction to prosecute....This what is worrying us." Supreme Court on 16.11.2010 on delay in granting permission to prosecute Raja following Swami's complaint on 2G scam, as quoted in the Times of India

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