October 9, 2010

omar's puppet speak: childish, boorish, stupid

Omar, the junior Abdullah of Jammu & Kashmir spake this time, and he made an ass of himself.

He said, he was not a puppet of Delhi and recalled J&K's special way of accession to India in 1948. After playing like an immature and unconcerned politician, manager and administrator and letting dozens be killed by security forces and giving the inimical neighbour Pakistan a stick to beat India, he is telling us that he is a strong, no-nonsense man.

The damage this ungracious talk of Abdullah has done is quite a bit, but not unsurmountable. New Delhi must act with great maturity and let this not become a one-upmanship game either with Abdullah or BJP. Home Secretary, Pillai, is also known for unnecessary talk in the media. He must be made to shut up. That will help Kashmir, Naxalim and such other issues.

The way Abdullah behaved is typical of such politicians: Manmohan also does the same. Show indecision, be seen as all-accommodative, and when media and people seem to be branding you as a weak guy, speak nonsense. In fact, he is behaving exactly like a puppet that he is posing not to be. Hope, somebody teaches him and his old father to act mature, especially because Kashmir is a sensitive state. If the two have used the talk deliberately, to score a point, then also they must be advised that this type of statements do not pay in the long term.

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