September 30, 2010

ayodhya judgement: a quick, early comment

Though not many are surfing my blog and I am too small a guy to have a voice of consequence, I must respond to the verdict of Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court. The judgement is just out and the way the judges have given the verdict, they have really done justice to the issue. Perhaps no judgement could have been better than this. In fact, now the people of India can use this judgement to bury the hatchet for ever, not move the Supreme Court and create a marvelous multi-religious complex at Babri Masjit site.

The essence of the judgement is:No issues on the birthplace of Hindus.
  • One third of the land goes to Hindus.
  • One third goes to Muslims.
The gist of the judgement is available at:

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